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October - March

(20 Weeks)

My Role

End-to-end mobile app design


People have been moving more than ever before!

During the pandemic, almost everyone I knew in the States had changed their address to a more convenient yet cost-effective location. Some even changed cities. I moved three times in the last 2.5 years because we all had the luxury of WFH.

We all had one thing in common - stories of how stressful and exhaustive our moves were.

problem discovery.png


Moving is complicated, expensive and


31 million Americans moving each year have to deal with a plethora of tasks like finding movers, packing, setting up utilities, changing address, etc..

86$B Moving Industry does not have existing solutions that can aid in making a residential moving process manageable, which has caused moving to be one of the most stressful life events.

(according to fox news)


HMW help reduce the stress of a residential move?


Planning in advance can reduce moving hassles.

An application that can alleviate the complexity of moving by breaking down the moving workload into manageable chunks of tasks, and organizing a simple and concise path will enable them to save time, and money and move hassle-free.


Curated List of all the moving tasks

Fill in all your move details like location, size of move, move type, etc.

Point 3.png

Get a personalized curated list of all the moving tasks based on the details provided.

Tackle all time-sensitive tasks easily by checking the app regularly.

Point 2.png

Get a personalized curated list of all the moving tasks based on the details provided.

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solution 2.png
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Book, Chat & get quotations from Service Providers

Each task is linked with the option to book services and set up utilities.

Point 2.png

Get quotations, chat, and book movers or cleaners all in one place.

Point 3.png

Save time and hassle by not having to call several service providers.

Solution 4.png

Calculate total moving
estimate to help you get started.

Get a rough idea of how much you might need to spend on your move.

Point 2.png

Breakdown of costs to help you determine a range for each task/ item.

Point 3.png

Avoid spending over budget by having an estimate beforehand.


Add special notes & images. Share Moving inventory with Movers.

Easily document your entire moving inventory.

Easily document your entire moving inventory room by room.

Point 2.png
Point 3.png

Access the inventory while getting Moving /Home/ Renter’s insurance.

Solution 3.png


Planning and organizing are the key to making a move less stressful.

The desktop research helped me learn the demographics and the market while also strengthening my understanding of the problem space.

I stumbled across several articles of which one particularly stood out to me. The article from highlighted the significant impact planning & organizing has on reducing the stress of moving.



The competitors lacked the planning and budgetting aspect which the users clearly needed.

Comp Analysis.png
Comp Analysis.png

Although most popular, it is invite only and available only to certain apartment properties.

Chat supported assistant. Covers limited cities and has unreliable customer service.

Relocation Packages for company employees which provides a consultant as a guide.


Surveyed 50 people who moved before to understand their moving patterns, planning habits, budget and frustrations.

56% of the participants had spent more on their move as a result of not accounting for hidden expenses, requiring more time than expected, unexpected storage costs, forgetting to cancel utilities, and mostly not having planned better.

Group 34841.png


I also conducted an Instagram Poll to prioritize the key pain points associated with a move.

Insta Poll.png


Interviews with 5 participants further revealed how lack of proper planning added to the stress of moving.

Interview insights.png


Consolidating insights into 3 personas based on goals, frustrations and type of move.

1. The frequent mover, Allen

Being ambitious, Allen must keep moving to achieve his goals.
Because of his busy schedule, he is in search of a full moving solution.

2. The family move, Meredith

Being a mom to a child and a pet dog, Meredith needs to move to a bigger house and needs help planning for her move.

3. First-time move, Sabrina

Never having moved or lived by herself before, Sabrina is lost and overwhelmed about her upcoming move. 



Initial setback + a new direction

At first, I spent 3 weeks exploring a Web Application route but after doing some quantitative research, I realized that a mobile application would be more valuable to my users.

Group 34841.png
Group 34841.png
Group 34841.png
Group 34841.png

Ease of access & reminders

A person moving will have access to their mobile at all times even while moving. Daily reminders will help the user to stay on track with their moving checklist.


upon speaking to around 15 people, everyone mentioned how they would benefit more from a mobile phone app while doing anything on laptop seems more like work & less fun.

Access to camera.

During feature prioritization, I figured the access to the camera would be a great addition in storing the images of all moving inventory.



Brainstorming design solutions and prioritizing features

To quickly collect ideas based on my research, I started making a list of possible solutions & features.
After getting all the ideas together, the challenge was to identify which features needed to be prioritized.


Next, I began writing user stories which helped in identifying the main user flows as well as the important screens that needed to be worked on.

The four main flows selected were:


Working on the site map was essential to get to the most logical flow for the users.


As a person moving, I want to get a curated list of moving tasks.


As a person moving, I want to get a quotation from movers.


Number 2.png

Evolution of Inventory Screen


The wireframe for the Moving Inventory screen was very confusing and had not been categorized. No option to add items.

3/5 participants couldn’t figure out how to add room.

Made the “Add Room” button more prominent so that users find them easy to find.


Evolution of Home Screen (My Move)

Evolution of Home Screen.png

100% of participants found difficulty in understanding what “Calculator” meant.

“Calculator” was thus changed to “Calculate total moving estimate”.

Major action items are centered & easily accessible within users' touchpoints.

Participants were confused about what their immediate action must be.

Introduced action items with a better hierarchy to clearly guide the users.

Removed features like “documents” and made quotations more prominent based on user feedback.


Evolution of Home Screen (My Move)

My initial design idea was that the users land at the Home Page after filling in the Move details.
After brainstorming and a few dozen sketches later, I thought the “Tasks” screen should be the default screen as that is the most important function of the application.

However, the usability test -1 suggested that the users were very used to the idea of seeing a Home Screen and that having a Tasks screen as a default first screen didn’t give the users a clear idea about the capabilities of the application.



Evolution of Movers Screen

40% of participants said that they trust the number of jobs done over the number of reviews.

Added total number of jobs done below reviews.

80% of participants were confused about how to get quotations.
Changed “chat” to “get quotation” and made it the primary button.


An end-to-end moving concierge app to help users


plan moving checklist,
document all items,
book services & utilities,
budget for your move.



Given more time, I'd have...

Spent more time on research

I would dig deeper into research, conduct more interviews, and would have spoken to a few moving companies to understand their side of challenges connecting with users.

Explored additional features

-An engaging platform where people could share their experience of moving.
-Tracking your Movers on the day of the move.

-Categorize inventory based on sell, discard or keep.

Moving and sustainability

The moving industry generates a lot of waste - 900 million cardboard boxes and 8.4 million tons of junk. I’d explore possible solutions to making moving more sustainable.


Few nuggets from my learnings...

Learnt about the moving industry.

Some eye-opening & interesting facts that I learned:
-There are more storage units than Mc. Donalds and KFC combined.
-Moving Industry also generates a ton of wastage.

Test early, test more.

I learned the importance of usability testing early in the design cycle. I learned how important recruiting the right participants are.

Clear CTAs and copy.

I learned that most people don’t read copy. Hence, a clear call to action is necessary.

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